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gaps - fic

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Jun. 22nd, 2010 | 06:54 am
location: the house
mood: sicksick
music: kansas

continuation of the previous creepy-ass max lord mindfuckery, done by request.

implied non-con (max/booster), mentions of booster/ted
pg-13 or so
sequel to always

Booster has no idea what time it is. He doesn't know how long he's been lying there. He's not even sure why he's lying there, and he knows that should bother him, but nothing's quite fitting together right now. His stomach hurts; his back hurts, and there's blood on his lip but no cut to go with it, and where are his clothes?

He tries to make sense of it, but every time he does, his head throbs. It hardly seems worth the effort, especially when all he can get is a vague inkling of something very wrong and a voice, far away, telling him it's all right.

Sure, he thinks, why not.

Someone is saying his name, and there are hands on his face, tilting his head, exploring. His vision's still a blur; when he struggles to bring it into focus, he gets as far as making out someone's silhouette, and the foggy shape of brown hair, before his stomach turns and he jerks away. He's not sure why, but his instincts are screaming at him to get out of there, or fight back, or something. It's a muffled scream, though, like everything else right then. He settles for trying to melt into the pillow.

"Booster," says the blur again, sounding worried. "Come on, buddy, snap out of it..." He feels a thumb brush over his lips and that's too much, he scrambles back and sits up, heart racing. Panic has a way of clearing the senses, and when he blinks again it's not a blur in front of him, it's Ted, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking almost as unsettled as Booster feels. "Easy," he says, putting up his hands disarmingly. "It's okay, it's okay, it's just me---Jesus, Booster, what happened?"

Something hurts and he can't quite place it, the same way he can't place how he got there; he rubs hard at his temples, trying to dispel the fierce ache he gets from trying. In the end, all he can say is "I don't know," and Ted's breath hitches.

"Can you feel anything?" he asks hesitantly. "Any wounds, I mean? There's blood, but I can't---I don't see where it's from..."

Booster runs his tongue over his lips and tastes copper; it makes his stomach do another flip, and he sways, swallowing back waves of nausea. Instantly, Ted's hand is on his shoulder, warm and steady. He's out of costume, in a dress shirt----no, Booster realizes, doing a double-take. It's not, it's a t-shirt; what was he thinking?


He shakes his head, trying to clear it. "Yeah. No. I don't - I don't think so." It's only half-true, but there's no point in telling Ted 'something's broken' when even he can't figure out what it is. "What are you doing here?" he adds, which isn't meant to be harsh, but it's only fair - they haven't spoken, not civilly, since Booster left. Come to think of it, there's something really off-putting about this whole situation in light of that - particularly the part where Booster's in bed, naked - but that's another one of those headache-thoughts that he can't bring himself to dwell on.

"To be totally honest, I was gonna yell at you," Ted admits, "and your door was unlocked, so..." He looks like he's trying to smile but it doesn't take. Suddenly his eyes are fixed on Booster's shoulder, and Booster tries in vain to crane his head around and see why. Ted's expression flickers between confusion and something else that Booster can't name, and finally he speaks up again, voice tight.

"Seeing someone?"

Booster blinks. "What?"

"You have a---" Ted's going red around the ears. He nods towards the whatever-it-is that Booster can't possibly see. "Geez, Booster," and he sounds hurt, "that didn't take long---"

"I'm not," Booster hastily interjects, as soon as his mind catches up to Ted's implications. "I'm not seeing anyone. Seriously, what are you..."

It's his turn to trail off now, because when he presses at his shoulder, he can feel the tenderness there. Like a bruise, except those indentations are teeth-shaped, and something flashes across his senses and---

"Oh, god," he mumbles, and throws himself out of bed.

He barely makes it to the bathroom, and then there's cold tile under his knees and his mind goes miles away again. When he comes back, he's hunched forward and shaking; Ted's hand is rubbing slow circles into his back.

"Dammit, Booster," he says, but there's no anger in his voice, only worry. "What the hell's going on?"

Booster looks over at him, finds something unspeakably comforting in the blue of his eyes, then looks down again. "I don't know."

It turns out it doesn't matter that he can't give a better answer; Ted still helps him to his feet, waits around while he brushes his teeth and scrubs the blood and sweat off his face. By the time Booster's cleaned himself up, he's even gone through his dresser and fished out a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, and Booster mumbles his thanks when he passes them over. Nudity has never bothered him, but somehow he feels ten times better being even half-dressed right now. He sits back down on the edge of the bed, and after a moment, Ted joins him. He jumps at Ted's hand on his back, and silently wonders why.

"Okay," Ted starts, tentative. "What's the last thing you remember?"

Booster doesn't want to remember, his head's already pounding, but he gives it his best effort. "...Max," he finally says. Ted's surprise is written all over his face.


"Yeah." He's pretty sure his stomach's empty by now, but it still registers its complaints; he tries to ignore it. "He came over, he wanted - he said he wanted to see how I was doing."


"And then he left," Booster says, the words coming strangely easy - the first part of all this he hasn't had to fight his own mind for. "And then I don't know."

"You don't remember anything else?" Ted prompts, but Booster's done trying. He feels like he's going to pass out if he keeps at it, and shakes his head till Ted sighs and pats his back. "Okay...okay. You weren't getting blackout drunk at..." He checks his watch. "Four in the afternoon, right?"

Booster eyes him, and Ted cocks a lopsided smile. "Kidding. Just kidding. Sorry, I know, not funny."

"That's okay," Booster says without thinking, because even if it was a terrible attempt at a joke, it was Ted through and through, and he's missed that. Ted looks surprised, then it softens and he glances away.

"Anyway, I guess we could get J'onn or someone to take a look up there," he goes on, gently tapping the side of Booster's head. "See what's going on."

For reasons Booster can't place, the idea fills him with nameless dread. The same deep urge that tells him to stop looking, stop trying to remember, is violently opposed to any outside help. It's ridiculous and probably dangerous, but a large part of him doesn't want to know, and he doesn't know why. But telling Ted that would only worry him, and it's pretty obvious he's worried enough already. He also can't stop staring at Booster's shoulder, even with the mark now half-hidden by his shirt.

"I meant it," Booster says, suddenly feeling that he needs to. "I'm not seeing anyone."

At first Ted frowns, but then his eyes turn a little warmer and he nods. "I believe you." He cracks that smile again. "You probably just got attacked by a vampire or something."

"Not weird enough."


"Alien vampire, maybe."

"Undead alien vampire."

"That's probably it."

Ted's chuckle is short but sincere, and Booster wants to wrap himself up in it till his head and his back and everything else stops aching. He's pretty sure he gave up that right when he left, though, so he just slouches forward to rest his forearms on his legs. "So what were you going to yell at me about?"


"You said you came here to yell at me."

"Oh, yeah." Ted shrugs. "Y'know. Abandoning the team. Totally selling out. That stuff."

"Wow, that was easy," Booster remarks, and Ted cocks his head.

"I think you've had a crappy enough day already," he says, patting Booster's back. "Undead alien vampires, and all. I can yell at you later."

Booster isn't sure what to say, so he settles on "Thanks," and they sit in comfortable silence for a little while. Eventually Booster feels like he has to say something, anything, so he blurts out the first thing he comes up with. "I miss this."

Ted closes his eyes. "Me too."

There's nothing else for a few minutes; then Ted's hand drifts up to his shoulder, rubs gently over it, and deja vu stabs through Booster, makes him jerk away. He can't explain why, not even to Ted's look of confusion, not even when Ted shifts awkwardly and looks away, saying "You gonna be okay?"

"Sure," Booster says, more out of habit than anything else.

Ted stays a while longer. True to his word, he doesn't yell at Booster. But he doesn't ask him to come back either, and Booster doesn't bring it up.
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Comments {2}

lacking in glitter

(no subject)

from: tawg
date: Jun. 22nd, 2010 11:59 pm (UTC)

This was... incredibly sweet and totally heartbreaking, and Max was just stamped all over it.

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(no subject)

from: larsinger29
date: Jun. 25th, 2010 05:47 pm (UTC)

Oh, my heart just breaks! Ted's trying to be comforting, yet he doesn't know what he's doing it for and neither does Booster! Yet it's so sweet and heart-wrenching!

You did an amazing job capturing Booster's confusion and fear, his desire to know what happened but also his desire *not* to know. It was palpable and just striking.

Wonderful job!

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